Question-answering bot with DialogFlow and Wikidata

Louis de Bruijn, Ana Roman, Gaetana Ruggiero, Toki Wong | Nov 3, 2019 | #Question-answering #nlu #wikidata #sparql #chatbot

As a group project for one of the university courses we build a question-answering system that uses DialogFlow for the initial natural-language understanding to retrieve the user intent and the Wikidata database to gather the answer. The user-intents are converted using SPARQL to query a Wikidata database that can retrieve the answer and return it in the interface below. Ask any question below about movies and see if our bot can provide you with an answer.

Some example questions:
- Who is the director of The Terminator?
- Who won the oscars in 2014?
- When was Selma released?
- Who is the oscar winner for best director in 2006?
- Give me the film that won the oscar in 2011
- Who is in the cast of Batman?
- Can you tell me of which genre is the movie Interstellar
- How many minutes does Django last?


Interact with our bot by typing in the field below.

This app makes use of Google DialogFlow and the Wikidata SPARQL query service.